Increased potency in men after 50

Woman and man after 50 with increased potency

Sexual strength is considered directly dependent on age. Treatment of impotence in men after 50 years is much more relevant than at a younger age. This lifetime is a kind of conditional limit from which a person's aging begins. Medical statistics partially confirm the existing stereotype.

Conditions and signs of impotence

Woman and mature man with increased potency

Potency is a natural and at the same time complex natural phenomenon that depends on several interconnected mechanisms: psychogenic, neurogenic and organic. The state of erection begins with an impulse in the subcortex of the brain, which triggers a hormonal response with the release of active substances. The sphincters that limit blood flow in the veins of the penis relax, the cavernous bodies fill with blood, the organ tenses, rises, hardens and increases in size, entering a state necessary for sexual intercourseis. Usually, the entire process of achieving "fight readiness" takes less than a minute, without giving a reason to think about the intricacies and details of what is happening. At the end of coitus, the prostate emits a secret that deals with the germ cells of the testiclesmixed in the vas deferens and released to the outside at the time of ejaculation.

The cause for concern comes when there is a failure in the chain of mechanisms that lead to an erection. The degree of age-related erectile dysfunction can be different - there are no strict criteria for assessing the norm and pathology. The drop in potency after 50 years has a varying degree of severity. The following characters are taken into account:

  1. The erection is unstable or insufficient for committing an act. The penis does not reach the required hardness or weakens during intercourse.
  2. Premature ejaculation.
  3. Absence of erectile manifestations with strong excitement.
  4. Complete lack of sexual desire. This symptom is called impotence.

Given the variety of factors affecting potency, all the causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into:

  • organic: arousal is present but not realized due to physiological disturbances;
  • psychogenic: the primary nerve impulse is not formed;
  • mixed: a combination of different factors.

Sexual dysfunction occurs not only in adulthood, but also at a young age. Over the years, most of the causal relationships intensify, the drop in potency after 50 years is constant, which is felt to be inevitable.

There are persistent chronic health problems, the most common of which are diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including undiagnosed but negative effects on the peripheral circulation on which a good erection depends.

The hormonal balance, in particular the level of testosterone, decreases significantly by the age of fifty, which also has a negative effect on men's health. The risk of urological diseases, prostatitis and prostate adenoma increases. Neglect of timely treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases also leads to undesirable consequences in the intimate sphere.

Regular stressful situations, overwork at work, physical exhaustion at the age of 50 are felt more strongly and leave long-term effects. In addition, there is a conscious or unconscious fear of not being fit in bed, embarrassment associated with the loss of youth and external attractiveness, the desire to please your partner at any price, thoughts of increasing potency and the associated stress.

Many men in their 50s have long histories of alcohol abuse, smoking, obesity, and a number of other conditions that are detrimental to health and, as a result, libido.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the decrease in male potency after 50 years is related to general health and lifestyle, and not to actual age.

Approaches to treating sexual dysfunction

Of course, it is impossible to influence the genetic mechanisms of aging, but it is quite possible to increase the duration of activity, including sexual activity.

bad potency in a man after 50 how to increase

For a long time, an increase in potency in men after the age of 50 is not possible without the treatment of existing chronic pathologies. During a consultation with an andrologist or urologist on sexual problems, it is necessary to find out how the existing diseases can affect sexual function.

Adequate treatment involves eliminating provocative causes. Potency in men after the age of 50 can remain at a high level for a long time if you give up alcohol and smoking - the main enemies of the vascular system and the causes of circulatory disorders. Alcohol negatively affects all types of metabolic processes, provoking tissue degeneration and inflammation. Beer contains phytoestrogens - analogues of female sex hormones that negatively affect the male endocrine system. Regular intoxication with tobacco tar accelerates aging. Refusal of these bad habits has a powerful healing effect and helps restore potency in men.

To eat healthy food

A balanced diet is part of improving potency after 50 years. This does not mean that men have to starve in adulthood and deny themselves gastronomic pleasures. On the contrary, the food should contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Products containing zinc, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin E increase potency. Berries are useful, especially strawberries, lettuce, celery, mushrooms, almost all kinds of spices, greens, walnuts, almonds, honey, olive oil. Proteins contribute to normal spermatogenesis. The menu should include lean veal, lamb, young pork, chicken, turkey, fish. Useful cottage cheese, cheese, cereals. Many animal products are also pronounced aphrodisiacs. Quail eggs, various types of shellfish and caviar help men in their 50s to increase potency.

From the menu you need to exclude foods high in animal and trans fat, salt, starch and sugar. Unhealthy nutrition increases the risk of high cholesterol, negatively affects the work of the heart, which directly affects sexual function. You need to abandon smoked meat, heavy meat dishes, lard, semi-finished products of unknown origin, fast food and canned food.

role of sport

How to hang potency after 50 years with the help of physical activity, is it even possible? Sport promotes not only general health, but also sexual power in adulthood. This is especially true for men who, because of their job, have to sit a lot - office workers, drivers. Prolonged stay in one position, squeezing the pelvic organs, provokes congestion in the prostate area and sooner or later begins to affect sexual power.

To eliminate the causes of impotence, bodybuilding is not necessary. Weight training to strengthen muscles helps to maintain external male attractiveness, but to improve potency after 50 years, exercises that stimulate blood circulation and vascular tone are more useful: running, jumping, volleyball, football, special oriental practicesand complexes that directly affect the genitals .

Medicinal effect

How to increase potency after 50 years with drug therapy is a rather controversial question. Sexual function is not fully restored by the action of drugs, they are just one of the components of treatment.

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors are used as emergency treatment for erectile dysfunction. Their action is aimed at increasing blood flow to the genitals.

These drugs have a symptomatic effect, temporarily eliminating signs of erectile dysfunction. They do not have a pronounced therapeutic effect. Abuse contributes to the development of hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia.

If the cause of weak potency after 50 years is androgen deficiency - testosterone deficiency, hormone replacement therapy is used. Its appointment should be agreed with the doctor after laboratory tests. From drugs, the most convenient forms are selected: patches, capsules, injections or special implants. It must be remembered that drugs containing testosterone are contraindicated in oncological diseases, they can cause an increase in blood pressure, alopecia.

Plant-based vitamin and mineral supplements, which reduce inflammation in the prostate, provide an additional potency-enhancing effect.

Potency after 50 years is more dependent on personal relationships than when you were younger. In a long-term relationship, a woman needs to be more sensitive, more attentive to the desires of a partner, and bring something new to communication. Single men of mature age often find a second youth after encountering a new attraction.